Fun and Meaningful Easter Ideas

There are always two sides to Easter–> The Fun Bunny and the deeper meaning of The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Our family tries to incorporate both in our celebration of the holiday. Coming up with fun Easter ideas can sometimes be a challenge- here are some to try…

The Resurrection:

Every year our family makes Resurrection Rolls. This is super easy and really gets to the meaning of why we celebrate. To make your own click this link forSundaySchoolpages how to. Another fun Easter idea we did this year was we had a family lesson on Christ using different scriptures. I found this fabulous idea at SugarDoodle > you place an item (such as a nail) in an egg with a scripture. Our kids had a ball and couldn’t wait to open the next egg.

The Fun Bunny:

We always do an Easter Egg Hunt. The key to a successful and fun Easter egg hunt is to hide the eggs according to their age level. You can color code the eggs so that each child only goes for their color(s) or you can do a free for all and what you get is what you get.

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Our family also loves to eat bunny pancakes…something about a shaped pancake always tastes oh so good! You can do this using either a home made recipe or a mix you buy at the store. Grapes make great eyes, strawberries add red to the ear or mouth and whipping cream and nutella are great choices to give your bunny some color!

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​ Next comes coloring eggs because coloring boiled eggs is a must at any age and when the fun is over gobble them up in this yummy potato salad.  What are some of your fun Easter ideas and favorite holiday traditions?

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