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End of School Time Capsule Questions Printable

Back to school is a flurry of tradition and keepsake creation.
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I’m not a scrapbooker or crafter, but I’m all about the first day of school photos, taken each year on the front porch before departing for the big day.

The end of school is a flurry of another sort.

We’re busy appreciating teachers, planning summer vacations, and making sure no one schedules a 4:30 meeting for the afternoon of preschool graduation.

We thought it would be fun to take a wee break and do a little memory keeping with some End of School Time Capsule Questions.

Our time capsule questions are created with the end of school in mind—there is space to jot down the basic stats like grade, teacher name, height and a portion especially for kid answers and some just for the parent…with space for a favorite photo from the year.

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​Just like our printable end of the year time capsule questions (intended for the end of the calendar year) it gives both the kiddo and parent a chance to reflect on the year. Big kids can fill out their portion themselves, and trust me, you’ll love the responses that will come from the pre-K kid if you interview them and take down their answers.

Download the printable End of School Time Capsule Questions PDF here.

Print, fill out, and cherish for life.