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Easter Memory Game Printable

We’ve got a little splash of adorable to keep your little ones busy during Easter Brunch.
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Check out this perfect Easter Memory Game Printable!

Between the easter egg hunts and sugar around every corner we think moms everywhere will appreciate a little bit of quiet time with this adorable easter activity.

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  • Download Printable pdf
  • Open in Acrobat Reader
  • In print settings, choose “print on both sides of paper.” Both possibilities for flip along short or long side work for this document.
  • If you don’t have an option to print on both sides, your printer is probably not made to do that. Print page 1 only and make 2 copies.
  • Make 2 copies so you have 2 of each card
  • Cut along edges of each square.
  • To play: set cards up in rows and columns back side up. Each player takes a turn to flip 2 cards. If they match, the player keeps the cards and gets to go one more time. Return unmatched cards to original position. Player with the most cards at the end wins.
  • For younger players, don’t put all the cards out at once. Choose 6, 8, or 10 sets of matches to begin.
  • 20 sets of matches included.


Happy Easter from all of us at TodaysMama.com!