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DIY Christmas gifts – glass pebble magnets

I love these easy DIY magnets.
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I love these easy DIY magnets. They’re so easy to make and personalize on a teeny tiny budget.🙂

I found glass pebbles at the Dollar Store, magnets and modge podge at Joann’s Craft store. Of course I needed my handy glue gun and some cute paper/magazines/or print your own things to place in the magnets.

The easiest way to cut out the circles is to have a hole punch and unfortunately my punch was too big so I cut each one out by hand. Not too difficult but more time consuming.

I attached each picture to the glass pebble with some modge podge and I also put some on the outside where the magnet would attach to later. The first time that I made these magnets, I didn’t put it on the outside and the magnets were tearing off the paper. I’m sure there’s better (more expensive) products for this but I had a bunch on hand and it work’s really well this way.

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I let it dry over night and then I hot glued the magnets to the back of the pebbles! So cute!!!

To package them, I glued some small washers to pieces of paper so that the magnets would stick to them and not move around too much.

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What an easy fun project, perfect for the kids to participate in! Happy DIY-ing


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