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December Babies are Like Unicorns—Here’s Why

If you’re in your ninth month of pregnancy, we’ve got a few reasons to get that labor started, like NOW.
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Every birthday is special, right?

Sure. It’s always the miracle of life no matter the time of year…but study after study is telling us that December babies are the real unicorns.


Here’s why.

They’re more likely to be left-handed.

Okay, maybe not a totally life-defining characteristic, but pretty unique nonetheless. Less than 10% of the population is left-handed. Which means they’ve got high levels of adaptability, and they usually make awesome athletes. Just ask Steve Young. Or Babe Ruth.

They’re less likely to be grumps.

The cold, grey months of November and December actually produce babies with sunnier dispositions, less likely to be irritable as adults. And even if it wasn’t inborn, how could you not be happy surrounded by all that merriment from birth?

They’re more likely to become dentists.

It may not be every December baby’s dream job, but when compared to other months’ most-likely career paths, we’ll take December’s dentists over November’s serial killers any day.

They’re more likely to go to bed early.

A trait that's long been associated with go-getters and success. You know what they say: early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

They’re most likely to live to be 105.

And hopefully be cognizant enough during those last several years to party hard between all that holiday shopping and tree trimming, lipstick in the lines and everything.