Classroom Christmas Party

Guess who’s in charge of the classroom Christmas party? You guessed it, little ol’ me!
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Since the last party I organized went over so well, I’m recycling it.  OK, I’ve added a couple of improvements and an adjustment here and there; but it’s basically the same party.   If you are the lucky mom planning your child’s class party, feel free to borrow any of these ideas.

For me, the central building block of a good party is the food.  However, I learned that even food can be taken to an extreme (shocking, I know)!  Last year, the class parties included every child bringing goodies.  Do you know how much food 25 plates of treats totals?  Since I like food so much, I hate seeing it wasted – which is exactly what happens when there is too much food a kid’s party.  To balance things out a bit, I emailed the parents a list of exactly what I needed, including paper goods.  I even included Ziploc bags so the kids could take home their uneaten food, supplies for the games and a few prizes.

While everyone is enjoying a delicious assortment of cookies, fruit and veggies they will play a Christmas song game.  I have 17 “pictures” and the kids try to figure out which Christmas song it represents.  For example my first picture is a peanut and a saltine cracker, which obviously symbolizes the Nutcracker.  Santa Lady has a few more pictures to get you started with a few more ideas. Unless the there is a 20-way tie, I have a prize for the child who get the most correct.

After the food is done, it will be time to expend some of that energy with a relay game.  I’ll divide the class into 3 or 4 groups.  Each group lines up and gets a pair of mittens.  The first person in each group puts on the mittens, runs to the opposite side of the room to the bowl of wrapped candy, like Hershey’s Kisses, and proceeds to unwrap one while wearing the mittens.  After the Hershey Kiss is in their mouth they run back to their group and pass off the mittens to the next person in their group until everyone has had a turn.  The winning group gets to share the remaining Kisses.

I settle the kids back down again for a final game.  I write a saying on the board like “Merry Christmas” and have the kids make as many words using the letters in the phrase in five minutes.  The person with the most real words (I’m such a stickler) wins a prize.

We finish off the party with my favorite story “Christmas Blizzard”.  This story is best read out loud, and kids of all ages enjoy its humor.  I can’t believe it’s not in print anymore!

Even if you aren’t planning a class party, these are fun games for any party even if it’s just your family.