Christmas Jars Reunion Family Book Club

Christmas Jars Reunion Family Book Club
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We loved reading Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wrightso much; we were excited to read the sequel, Christmas Jars Reunion for our family book club.  Overall the story was good, not quite as strong as the original, but it still made me cry.  Regardless, we enjoyed the excuse to discuss the book, eat food and enjoy a couple of brief activities.

Because so much of the story happened at Chuck’s Chicken, we held our meeting during dinnertime while we ate oven-fried chicken and tator tots. As we ate, we discussed the book’s strengths, weaknesses and the overall message.

At one point in the book, the character Al and his young friend Queen play a game of 20 questions, not 20 questions to figure out some mystery object. But questions like “what’s your favorite brownie?” or “If you could go or do anything fun this weekend, what would it be?”  We went around the table and each of us directed similar questions to others around the table.  I was hoping for some thoughtful answers, but we stayed pretty silly.  At one point, my son said “Darn! I have a good question for myself!”

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Finally, I asked everyone to think about the dream vacation Maryann was blessed to enjoy.  Then I asked where each person’s dream trip would take them.  There were a few vague answers, like everywhere. My animal lover wanted a world tour of all the zoos of the world.

This holiday season is a great time to share stories that encourage serving others. The Christmas Jars books are a great inspiration!

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