Bass Pro Shop Family Summer Camp

If you are lucky enough to have a Bass Pro Shop near you, there’s one week left to enjoy their Family Summer Camp.
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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday there are workshops and some hands on activities.

We showed up on Thursday afternoon about a half hour before the first workshop. The kids loved seeing a different taxidermy animal around every corner, not to mention the big ones that lined the high ledges on the walls.  None of us have been in too many stores with a two story waterfall in the middle of it.  One of the elevators goes behind it and the fish pond for a great view.

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After looking around for a bit, we sat down and enjoyed a fishing workshop that included a casting demonstration.  At the end of the workshop, we were quizzed on what we learned (yes, the adults could play too).  We were also directed to where we could find the answers if we needed a little help.  After we wrote down the answers, we went back and received a pin to show we completed the workshop.  There were also workshops on bird watching, hiking, archery and several others.

After a couple of workshops, we headed over to try some of the hands on activities.  The kids tried their hand at casting a fishing line into a bucket. They also had a BB gun and a compound bow that they could try.  The nice young man helping the kids also let me try the compound bow.  The bow was a little small for me, but it was still a lot of fun.

Bass Pro shop has a cool shooting gallery, and during Summer Camp we could use it without dropping in a bunch of quarters.  The final activity was a craft.  As much as the kids liked that, I enjoyed drooling over the wide varieties of fudge!

These activities, plus browsing all the cool products and store displays, kept us entertained for about four hours. Summer Camp runs through July 10, 2011.