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A Father’s Day Gift Every Man Will Love – Boudoir Photography

Before you read this post, let me level set with you on a few things:
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1)  I am not a glamour-puss (by any stretch….as you can tell by the contents of my make up bag).  2) I consider Cosmopolitan a racy read.  3) I probably have about 10 photos of myself taken within the last year, all of which have been taken under protest and include one or more of children in my arms.  Incidentally, almost all of these are sans-make up with my hair in a ponytail….kind of like this one below.)

So, when I was offered a free photo session and 8×10 print by Allure by Carey Lynn Photography, a boudoir photographer who serves the Dallas area, I almost didn’t take it.  Me?  Take pictures in lingerie?  That was so far out of my realm of thinking (and comfort), it was hard to wrap my head around it.  But then I thought….why not?  I always have trouble thinking of gifts for my wonderful husband, his birthday was approaching, and all it would require from me was a couple of hours (plus purchasing some of the ‘props’, like actual lingerie, make up, and – oh, darn – a pre-shoot mani/pedi).  I agreed to do the boudoir photo session, and boy, am I (and my husband!) glad I did.

On the day of the boudoir photography session, I glammed up.  A lot.  During a pre-session phone call with Carey Zarate, the owner of Carey Lynn Photography and Allure by Carey Lynn Photography, she had suggested using false eyelashes for more drama, which sent me in a panic.  (False eyelashes??  What was I getting myself into??  Can you buy those at Target??) But again, I figured I didn’t have a lot to lose, so I went out and bought falsies (which you can, by the way, get at Target).  Other pre-session essentials were make up, hot rollers (also purchased specifically for this shoot), the aforementioned mani/pedi, and several lingerie options.  In all, I spent probably two hours getting ready.

As I drove the (thankfully) short distance to Carey’s in-home studio, I had to laugh at myself:  A mom in her mini-van, hot rollers in her hair, more make up on in that moment than the accumulated total I’d worn over the past year, lingerie outfits in the passenger seat next to me.  For once, I actually drove the speed limit on 121, hoping not to get pulled over.  Thankfully, I made it from my garage to the Carey Lynn Photography studio without encountering anyone.

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When I arrived at Carey’s in-home studio, she greeted me warmly and made me comfortable.  She showed me the various backdrops she had available, and we chose the best ones for the outfits I’d brought.  She also had props on hand (think feathers, scarves, petticoats) that could be used to mix things up.  I shook the rollers out of my hair and we got started.  Surprisingly, it didn’t take me long to get in a groove and overcome the discomfort I’d had about being actually photographed in a boudoir photo session.  Carey was very encouraging, and the way she took the shots was very discreet, so I knew the outcome was going to be a lot more about the “idea” of sex appeal versus skin.

Turns out I was right.  In about 10 days, we were able to meet again in her studio and review the images she’d captured.  I had been expecting to get maybe one or two good shots, but ended up having a hard time deciding which one to select for my “portrait”.  I ultimately ordered a book of images–I didn’t figure my husband would argue (!).  Just so you can see the amazing work Carey did – behind the camera, as well as (I’m sure) lots of Photoshop, here are two examples:

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When Jim found out about the present (by accident; I’m awful at keeping secrets and surprises), he got absolutely giddy.  His face lit up at the thought of a boudoir photography book of me.  So, actually, we both got a gift out of this – he gets the actual book, and I get to see how excited he is by getting the actual book.  I guess you could call it the Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving – Boudoir Photography.

Carey Lynn Photography is based in The Colony, Texas.  In addition, she is available to come to your own home for your convenience and serves the Dallas metro area.  I highly recommend her for both boudoir photography as well as extremely cute children’s photo books (think fairies, ABC’s, counting).  You can see lots of examples for all her family & children offerings atand her boudoir offerings at.


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