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5 Back To School Traditions

What is it about the start of school?
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While I weep inside at the thought of summer ending, I am also a bit thrilled/nervous about the kids going back to school next week. I remember being their age and not being able to sleep the night before the first day because I was too busy dreaming about what I would wear, who I would sit by on the bus, and if my teacher would be nice.

Maybe I’m the only one. But I feel like the start of the school year is the start of something new and good and should be celebrated. Here are some ideas to get you on that path.

5 Memorable Back To School Traditions

1. Special Dinner

Make a special dinner the night before– go all out like NieNie does and wear costumes and give gifts, or just order a pizza and eat it by candlelight. Just make it special.

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2. Take record

I have a little form I printed out that has space to note their height, weight, favorite book, and what they want to be when they grow up. We do this each year before school starts, then I keep that paper in a binder with all the amazing projects they bring home for me to save.

3. Cookies and Milk

To get your kids to give you a more than one syllable reply to the question, “How was school today?” have a special treat to share with them after school. They’re always hungry, and maybe you’ll get some good information in between bites.

4. Strike a pose

Be sure to get a couple (dozen?) photos of your little one dressed in her new outfit before she heads out the door. You can differentiate your kids’ grades by different posters or chalkboard signs in the photos.

5. Treat them kindly

Send a special treat in their lunch. My daughters have Celiac and can’t eat gluten, and gluten-free treats are pretty darn expensive so I never buy them. But you better believe I’ve got some Glutino cookies stashed away just for the first day of school. They’ll probably die of shock right there in the lunch room. It’s also sweet to stash a note inside the lunch box letting them know you’re thinking of them. When my oldest was in kindergarten, I wrote “I love you” on her napkin and stashed it in with her sandwich. After school that day when I cleaned out her lunchbox, my heart melted when I saw she had written in her wobbly handwriting “I love you too” on the back of the napkin. Kids notice little things you do.

What are some of your favorite back-to-school traditions?


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