Ever wonder what it was that made your mom so…mom-like?

Was it the high waisted jeans that did nothing for her butt (hey, I know they’re back but I’m not on board yet…probs because I’m a fresh 32), her complete indifference at putting another humans’ partially chewed food into her own mouth, or her unbelievably subtle knack for inducing guilt and dishwasher unloading (No? Just my mom?)? These are the undeniable hallmarks that scream MOM, but how did she get there?

Well, ladies, she turned 33—that’s how she got there. And she became just like her own mother.

And you know what? When you turn 33, you’re gonna keep the cycle going.

Okay, feel free to draw the line at those pants, but according to science, age 33 is when women really start to notice how much like their own mothers they’re becoming.

Like binging the same tv shows, enjoying similar hobbies, and using the same old worn out phrases. Not unlike last night when you shouted, “Somebody better be bleeding!” as you lifted another spoonful of Nutella while getting your Grey’s on.

The study said that the resemblance becomes clearer around the same time you become a mom yourself, surprise surprise, and when you start to see signs of actually physically looking like your mother.

Plus, more than half the women surveyed reported that their early 30s were the time they finally quit rebelling against their moms and started emulating their behaviors and attitudes instead. Perhaps because they finally realized they’d been right all along.

Now, if your mom was the bomb, this is probably something you can look forward to. But for those of you that spent your teen years rebelling against your mama’s always-take-a-jacket advice, buckle up (ironically, another thing she used to drive you crazy about) because you’re on the fast track to becoming just like her!



Source: www.firstdiscoverers.co.uk

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