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The Best Enchiladas From the Kitchen of Hannah Slyfox

Hannah Slyfox shares her favorite recipe for the enchiladas her mom has made her every year on her birthday.
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We interviewed Hannah Slyfox on the Today's Mama Podcast. When asked what her "ratatouille" or the smell or taste of her childhood was she told us about her mom's enchiladas. Of course we asked her to share!

Click HERE to listen to the full interview with Hannah on the podcast!

The Best Enchiladas

350 degrees About 20 minutes

The secret in my opinion to a good enchiladas is using good ingredients (more flavor) & making sure when you brown your ground beef, break it into small evenly tiny pieces. It’s a little work but worth it.

Cook your ground beef completely in a large skillet unto evenly broken into tiny pieces. Don’t cook on a high heat as you will burn the outside of the beef. Once completely cooked, drain any oil out of the pan.

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Take your taco season (I use about 1/2 the jar) & mix with the beef. Then add water (maybe 1/4 cup) but not to much as you don’t want it watered down. All your doing is marrying the taco season with the beef. If you put to much water in, then drain some out ( you don’t want any liquid in the mix) & add a little more taco seasoning. Then I let it cook a few minutes to marry the ingredients together. Now remove from the burner.

Get a casserole dish & pour enough enchilada sauce to cover the bottom.

Then either take your taco & place 3-4 at a time in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften them or use the gas stove & place on a very low burner. Flipping constantly as to not burn. Set aside.

Now to put together your enchiladas. I take a pie plate & fill with enchilada sauce. I take my taco shell & dip it completely in the enchilada sauce. It’s messy but easy. You might want to remove any rings. Caspian has made them completely from this point on with no problem. I put the dipped taco in my left hand & fill with first the beef mixture then the cheese. You just eyeball it to make sure you have enough meat that goes all across the taco & same with cheese.

Next you roll it so that the seam is at the bottom. Just line them up. You should get about 10-12. After that is done you can pour the remaining enchilada sauce on the enchiladas & put as much cheese as you like on top.

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. You want the cheese to melt.

I serve it with homemade guacamole & sour cream.


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