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Printable Halloween Mobile

Here’s the perfect addition to a kid-friendly Halloween—a printable Halloween mobile.

After two kids, I’ve learned a valuable lesson in holiday decorating—the more festive decor you can place out of the reach of little fingers, the happier everyone will be.

The delicate pottery ghosts that I bought pre-kids...yeah those go on top of the fridge.

printable halloween mobile2

Here’s the perfect addition to a kid-friendly Halloween—a printable Halloween mobile. We’ve kept the design spooky but simple and big kids can easily help cut out these circles and create this mobile.

printable halloween mobile_thumb

Download the full size file here.


  1. Print first page on cardstock. (In print dialogue box/window be sure to specify you are only printing current page).
  2. Let it dry for a couple minutes before feeding it back in the printer.
  3. Put it back in your paper tray so the back will be printed on. (Mine, I put the printed side face up.)
  4. Print the second page.
  5. Cut circles.
  6. Punch holes with a small hole punch or pierce with a strong needle.
  7. Thread and knot.
  8. Hang anywhere you need a little Halloween Spirit!

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