The rubberband trick? Try a Belly Band instead!

Most mothers have experienced that dreaded “in-between” stage when they’re pregnant.
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It’s usually between 2 months and 6 months when nothing fits and you’re constantly wondering if everyone just thinks you’re getting fat. Some try to hide it but if you’re like me, you try to beat them to the punch and tell everyone that you’re pregnant before they get the chance to tell so and so that you’ve let yourself go.

This last pregnancy I discovered Belly Bands and I was in love! I used them through my whole pregnancy and I still use them even though my baby is turning ONE next month 🙁

I’m not a tiny person by any means, I consider myself average, that’s actually what the Doctors tell me. My mom on the other hand tells me that I’m extraordinary but that’s her job. Anyway, when I first discovered the rubber-band trick 7 years ago I was ecstatic! I could wear my regular jeans my whole pregnancy. Let’s face it, I have no butt and in maternity pants I look like a 28 year old baby who hasn’t had a diaper change for a week. Well it worked for a while, then I needed a bigger rubber band because it started to dig into my stretched out belly and the zipper started to bulge and you could see it through my shirts.

Belly bands were a life saver. I used them mostly with slacks for work. They look just like under shirts and I was able to unbutton my pants and unzip them the further along I got. I used them after I delivered because, unless you’re Heidi Klum, you still might look a little pregnant when you leave the hospital and in my case months after. Now I use them for nursing to cover up my belly and back when I lift my shirt to nurse. My advice to all the pregnant women out there, find a Belly Band and try it on, you might love it!