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Science Says: Your Pregnancy Can Predict the Future

It looks like motherhood is one of the best indicators of a healthy or lagging economy—here’s why.
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So you see a pregnant mother and you think: economics.


Wait, that isn’t what you think of when you hear the word “mom”? Weird.

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Because it looks like motherhood is one of the best indicators of a healthy or lagging economy—here’s why.

When people are largely happy, they get a little frisky. And life decisions like making babies and taking stock market risks are among they ways that energy gets used. So, we generally see a swell in conception at the same time we see the stock market inflate…which is great, but as the past has shown us, can also mean the opposite.

The last three major economic downturns in the U.S. were closely preceded by fewer pregnancies. You would think that people would put off conceiving once a market lull began, but it’s actually the lack of conception (among a few other factors, obviously) that predicts the recession.

So the next time you see start seeing baby bumps left and right, shore up your bank account because chances are the economy is headed south. Yikes!



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