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Reasons NOT to save your maternity clothes

Many women hold on to their maternity clothing for a couple different reasons.
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Maybe it’s because another baby is in their future or maybe it’s for sentimental reasons. Sometimes it’s for a couple months, sometimes it’s years.

I kept a few items because I thought I would use them later and a part of me didn’t want to give it up. Well when baby number two came 6 years later, I unpacked the maternity clothes, took a glance,  frowned and they went straight into the donation pile. Not only were they out of style but they didn’t even fit like they did with my last pregnancy! Because I own a maternity resale shop, here are the reasons I have found NOT to keep any of your maternity clothes:

  1. You don’t know what season your next pregnancy will be in.
  2. You don’t know what size you will be fitting the next time you’re pregnant. Maybe you go up or down a size or maybe you just carry your baby differently and your “oh so cute low panel jeans” are now putting some serious strain on your bladder.
  3. Many moms have told me that they  just don’t want to wear the same thing again. Let’s face it, a maternity collection is never as large as your non-maternity wardrobe and it gets old fast. Get something new-ish and in style!
  4. Why keep it when you can sell them and get cash for some other important stuff (diapers comes to mind, preferably cute cloth ones 😉
  5. It’s nice to give to friends and family but do you have the same style and size?
  6. If you hold on to it for too long they become out dated, no one else will want them including yourself.

So instead of packing up your maternity items that you think you MIGHT be able to use later; why not make room in your storage, get some cash or trade them in for baby stuff or nursing stuff? That’s the fun of resale!