Postpartum style-tunics and leggings

Postpartum style-tunics and leggings
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So after nine months of growing a baby, gaining 35 lbs, feet swelling, and 12 hours of labor, your little one is here and you are so excited… get back into your designer jeans, cute dresses, etc. After baby #1 was born, I was very upset to discover that I looked 7 months pregnant right out of the hospital. It stayed that way for  about a month and I slowly started to lose the baby weight over a couple months time (Breastfeeding really helped).

So what the heck is a woman supposed to wear at this point? Maternity clothes don’t fit right, you can’t button your regular pants, you may be breastfeeding so easy access is important….and you thought your wardrobe dilemmas would be all over after the birth!

My solution at this point was a belly band with my jeans and tunics over leggings! It works wonders on hiding that belly while making your legs look longer. If you’re breastfeeding, find a cute tunic with front buttons or you can wear a belly band or undercover mama under your tunic so you can just lift your tunic up while covering your belly and back.

If you don’t know what under cover mamas are just check out my website

See, it is possible to be postpartum stylish!