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Pardon my pregnancy…

Pardon my pregnancy…
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Ok so I pee-ed on a stick… the ‘plus’ sign…..and so we are  now about to embark on baby #3 (I have to mention that #2 is now 5.4 years old; so yeah it’s been awhile).  With the time in between this pregnancy and the last one I’ve adjusted to my regular world>i.e. no late night potty trips (for myself anyways), no bizarre cravings, no completely transcontinental emotions that fall like an avalanche on me when I don’t have proper safety equipment, and no zombie mind tired behavior that leaves me putting a bottle opener in the cheese drawer of the fridge.  All that ‘normalcy’  is currently doing a 360 and leaving me belly deep in change!

Step one:  How to find the proper stick test?

When we first decided to ‘try’ to extend our family I went out and bought a mirage of at-home tests.  Somehow it made it seem more real if after a good night’s sleep I had a pee stick (for lack of a more distinguished name) under my bathroom sink ready to go…when I …er..had to go.  I bought a set of pee sticks at Walmart, some at the Dollar Store, and some at the grocery store.  Needless to say after testing them all out……they are all the same in my toilet meetings notes.  Some line pink, some line blue, some make t’s, and some make parallel lines…with all I undertake the task of  urinating on a tiny piece of plastic w/a tip……all current results end w/grins and giggles.  I have, however, been on the other end of the pee stick with a sad cry before.  We have suffered miscarriages and hardships, so we are very excited and blessed to be in our current predicament.  I don’t know that I’ve EVER aired out my pee stick stories before though, so this is a look at a raw-er me than I’ve ever revealed.  I would love to hear others good news and/or not so good blues news, so feel free to comment up a baby storm!

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I hope that you will find humor and maybe even some ‘good’ advice from following my growing bump, but as a side note I never take myself too seriously so you probably shouldn’t either!

Here’s me (I THINK I’m five weeks….only done the pee stick test….go to doctor soon…keep you posted!).  p.s. I am poking it out a bit, but I have to say that I think #3 is going to give my bod a run for it’s moolah.  I’m already showing some…seems impossible right?  I’m left bloated, gassy, shocked, and emotional.


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