Maternity shoes???

Maternity shoes???
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So I usually spend my time blogging about trendy maternity and postpartum wear but one very important piece of a maternity wardrobe is greatly neglected….THE SHOES!!!

We love shoes even if they hurt us. Unfortunately my 3 inch heels are not doing anyone any good while I’m pregnant. I definitely don’t look sexy waddling in them and let’s not forget the fact that they are so dangerous! I know a woman who stumbled because of her heels when she was pregnant, fell on her belly and hit the curb. Fortunately baby and mom were ok but it could have been a lot worse. Most of us just give up the heels during pregnancy and opt for comfy flats or flip flops. My questions is….why are there no businesses making maternity shoes? I think it’s a great idea 🙂 Imagine a cute shoe that you could wear while pregnant and some how adjust to your swelling feet and then back down again after delivery! IDK it’s just a thought. The one thing I did find were some cute Keds that you can customize but they are not maternity specific…I hope someone actually manufactures maternity shoes, I would love to sell them!