Zoe & Jane’s Addiction

Awwww, dangit!
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I’ve flooded Zoe with every chord of classical music I can find, I’ve Mozart’ed that little monkey within an inch of her life. Guess what just sent her over the edge, squealing and dancing? Jane’s Addiction. Great. So much for her career as a classical harpist.


Helen Jane

I love to see how other people embrace food and host a great party. Helen Jane’s blog shares her lovely life in Napa Valley —the bocce ball games (and accompanying food), the get-togethers (and the accompanying lessons learned), the cute kids (who doesn’t love a cute kid) and Helen’s great sense of humor and laid-back perspective on entertaining.

sarah jane

Sarah Jane Studios

We love Sarah Jane!Since that time she's grown from creating prints to stationary, and now even designs textiles! You can keep up with her and her adorable kiddos on her blog, Sarah Jane Studios.