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"Wearing A Baby Is Emasculating!" - Piers Morgan. James Bond - "Nah".

You're trying to tell me that a man packing a baby in a carrier isn't sexy as hell? Get out of here!
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The internet exploded with pictures of dads wearing and carrying their babies in response to tweets made by Piers Morgan (such a sweetie, that guy) criticizing a photo of Daniel Craig (THE James Bond) packing his newborn daughter in an Ergo carrier and hashtagging it "#emasculatedbond".

Aside from the obvious stupidity of it all, there were a few positive takeaways, like how James Bond is actually a super cute dad who GNF about strapping a wee babe to his chest and going about his day.

Or the fact that most dads don't care about what a dummy on tv tells them the definition of manhood should be. The thousands of cute dad pics tweeted back at Morgan were enough proof of that. This particular thread from Nicole Cliffe is jam packed with dad and baby goodness.

A small sample:

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We've come a freakin' long way since the Don Draper'esque days of fatherhood and thank God, because we've clearly still got a long way to go

Dads who carry their babies aren't any less masculine then anyone else, they're just dads doing regular man things, like caring for their children.

Morgan's particular brand of toxic masculinity can go jump off a cliff because there's really nothing sexier than a man packing a baby amiright? SCHWING!


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