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This Is Us Starts Tomorrow–ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?

This Is Us is back and just as freaking REAL as always. Prepare yourself.
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I’m not one for a lot of TV, but there is a show…no, a reflection of real freaking life…that’s returning tomorrow for its third season, and I’m about to lose my mind.

With panic, excitement, dread, joy, love, recognition, horror—you name the emotion, I’m 100% full of every last one of them.

This Is Us is back on NBC starting September 25, and I guarantee it’s going to rock our worlds.

These guys have taken us on every life journey you can imagine, and they’re promising even more (HOW??) in upcoming episodes.

From abandonment to adoption, from fierce undying love to divorce, from complete control to debilitating addiction, from child loss to parent, from tragedy to triumph—they’re showing us what real people REALLY experience and it’s not always wrapped up in a pretty little package.

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It's dramatic but we're not coming back every week for the drama. We're coming back because They. Are. Us.

Fans are in desperate need of the next Pearson fix so we can find out which track the Deja train is going to take, and if it will stick. And we have to know if it’s really depression Toby is dealing with and are they going to get pregnant again? And what about Kevin and his new lady? (Honestly, LOVE Kevin, but this storyline is all about Beth handling that drama. Can’t possibly love her more.) Oh, and who is the “she” that Tess needs to go see?? Plus, more insights into Jack’s war history, his and Rebecca’s early relationship, and…

I don’t think I need to go on.

Point is, we need the weekly Pearson dosage because, while Toby makes us laugh with his inappropriateness and we all get a little giddy when Kev's shirt comes off, we see so much of ourselves in every character, in every situation. We need to know what Jack would do. We're learning and we're being a television show. And that's rare.

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(Yeah, you're welcome.)

This Is Us has stolen us, heart and mind. They are our heart and mind.

Which leaves me wondering, where exactly are the writers keeping their secret cameras/mind reading software because this show is just too dang real for them to be making it up.