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The Brand New INSTANT FAMILY Trailer is Here—And You're Going to Need a Kleenex

To take any child in and nurture the good while working with the bad that may come along with it—that’s courage.
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I got a Marco Polo from a friend today asking if I’ve ever had just one day go smoothly, ever.


She’s a mom. I’m a mom. The answer, in toddler-decibel surround sound, is a real NO.

But what about for the moms and dads who weren’t parents yesterday, and suddenly are today…and they didn’t have nine ~~vomit-filled~~ blissful months to prepare for it?

It’s the “instant family” phenomenon of fostering and adoption, and you better believe their days are just as crazy-packed with the bumps and bruises and excitement and love of any traditional (is there such a thing anymore?) family.

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Instant Family tells the story of a couple who stumble into adopting three siblings—including a rebellious teenage girl, and the highs and lows that define their new journey together. It promises to be a series of laughs to accompany the enormous weight carried by foster and adoptive parents.

> “Basically, from here on out, you’re going to be living your life for someone else. And it may not have been from birth, but to take any child in and nurture the good while working with the bad that may come along with it—that’s courage. And there’s a little bit of magic in it.” —Melanie Rowley, adoptive mom

It may not be a smooth ride, but it's going to be worth every second.

The movie actually pulls a lot from writer + director Sean Anders’ family story and that’s what makes it so dang real for those who have been through these processes before.

> “When I first saw the Instant Family featurette, I laughed because I think that’s the way a lot of people get into adoption. They have this stray thought and the other person jumps on board, and then it just overtakes you.”

Check out the brand-new Instant Family official trailer (complete with all-star lineup including Marky Mark, Rose Byrne, and Octavia Spencer) and then set aside November 16th for a family movie night because this one—no matter how your family came to be—is one you won’t want to miss.



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