Serena Williams Lost Wimbeldon But Friggin' Won Our Hearts, Again

Serena loses at Wimbledon but manages to score a huge win for moms and women all over the world, and we love her for it!
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Serena Williams was solidly defeated by Angelique Kerber in the finals at Wimbledon, maybe you heard?

She lost the match, but we're counting it as a win on so many different levels.

Remember how 10 months ago she almost died after complications from her cesarean section? And then she trained and fought and played well enough to make it to the Wimbledon final less than a YEAR after her daughter was born.

She's a gdang hero, and a goddess, and tough as a mother... but we already knew that.

Remember how the media blasted out headlines about Serena missing her daughter's first steps to train for this tournament? Every. Single. News. Outlet did that, from ESPN to NBC. Ugh. Quick, someone tell me when the last time was that we ever heard about a male athlete missing out on parenthood milestones because they were working? Never, because it's only newsworthy if moms are the ones missing out on stuff I guess.

Also remember how she lost graciously? Congratulating Kerber in an emotional post-match interview where she expressed her disappointment and also her excitement for the future.

And then there was this post from Alexis:

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And then this from the Queen herself:

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I love her. She's magic.

Welcome back, Serena, we can't wait to see what you do next. This is just the beginning!


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