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Russell Brand and Katy Perry Divorcing

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are divorcing after 14 months of marriage. I thought these two crazy kids would be the ones to make it last.
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Russell Brand and Katy Perry are divorcing after 14 months of marriage. Usually, when I hear about a celebrity marrying another celebrity I snort and think it won't last. For some reason, I thought these two crazy kids actually would be the ones to make it last. Or last longer than 14 months. You know how when two nutty people get together sometimes it just works? Plus, I love Rusty Rockets.


My feelings would best be expressed in this written for the web article from the LA Times called "A Celebrity Breakup to Make us Go 'Aww.'"

The scuttlebutt is that religious differences and family issues drove them apart. With her strong Christian family roots and his Hindu devotion, do you think they ever had a chance?

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