Rad Science at the Indiana State Museum

Rad Science, the new exhibit at Indiana State Museum breaks down the physics behind skateboarding.
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The exhibit is engaging, fun and sneaks in some awesome science. I had the chance to preview the exhibit with my twin 5-year old girls and I had to pull them away from the exhibit – they would have stayed for hours. Rad Science opens Saturday, September 5, 2015 and runs through January 3, 2016.

Visitors will be able to learn a little history of the skateboard in the history bowl showing skateboards through the ages including a little throwback (or throw-forward?) to Marty McFly’s hover board. At another spot, there are screens with footage of skateboard tricks showing the physics principles behind them.

My kids loved the stationary skateboards so they could try little tricks and test their balance. I got in on the action as well. At friction hill, you can experiment with different surfaces and how putting different blocks makes a difference in speed. On the flip side of friction hill, you can try it for yourself as you try to slide down.

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Another hit with my kids was testing different principles of physics like gravity on a trampoline and centripetal force on a spinning platform. There are more than 25 interactive experiences in the exhibit and I can’t wait to come back with my entire family, especially my science kid so that we can experiment together. This exhibit is included in the price of museum admission. See the Indiana State Museum website for hours and cost of admission.

On September 12, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. the Indiana State Museum will have an actual skate park constructed and there will be both open skate and a skate clinic. Cost for open skate and/or the clinic will include museum admission. Click here for more information and for prices for the ISM Skatepark.