Oscar Dish!

From The Trip to the tear on Daniel Day Lewis' face, we loved the Oscars last night. And you? Let's talk.

Let's talk Oscars! Did any of you watch last night? What did you think of Seth MacFarlane as a host?

Favorite Moments

I love that Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the stairs up to get her Oscar for Best Actress. I didn't love it because of schadenfreude, but because she handled it so well and was so funny when she accepted the Oscar. She's darling.

Jennifer Lawrence Falls on Stairs

And let's be honest, of COURSE it was Hugh Jackman who ran to her assistance. I'm only shocked it wasn't Ryan Gosling. Everyone knows that if you're getting saved by a celebrity it's going to be 1. Ryan Gosling, 2. Hugh Jackman, 3. Harrison Ford, and in that order.

Lipstick Faces!

Daniel Day Lewis Lipstick Face Oscars

The girl above is Emma, whose mother won for the Academy Award for Animated Feature for Brave. We're all familiar with Princess Merida, but Emma is the real girl who inspired the movie heroine. And I love that she has her mother's lipstick kiss on her face. It's the cutest.

And Daniel Day Lewis, who deserved the win for Best Actor in Lincoln. He's got Meryl Streep's lipstick on his face, in a sweet touch. His acceptance speech was lovely, you could tell he was moved by the award. Plus, he ended by saying the Oscar was for his mother.

The Winners

I really liked Argo, so I don't mind it won Best Picture. I think Lincoln will hold up over the years (it's a wonderful film, you should watch it.) I don't get the Life of Pi wins at all, points to Ang Lee for being so nice, I guess.

queen latifah oscar dress

Loved Queen Latifah's dress, she looked amazing.

naomi watts oscar dress

I'm hearing that people didn't like Naomi Watts' dress, but I did. I think it's unusual and I love the fabric and color.

And then Jane Fonda went FULL DYNASTY. (I still love it.)

jane fonda oscar dress

My favorite dress wasn't even at the Oscars, it was a few thousand miles away. Get a load of First Lady Michelle Obama's dress. STUNNING.

Michelle Obama Oscar Dress

Did you have a favorite dress? A favorite moment? 

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