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My Surreal Experience In Uganda

I hope you didn’t think I had fallen off the face of the Earth after my lone Introduction to S. Africa post.
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The truth is that life has just been intense, and it’s been hard to find the words to adequately describe it. I spent two weeks in S. Africa and then traveled to Uganda with Adonai Partners to capture stories of the beautiful Ugandan people through photography.

To say my time in Uganda was intense would be an understatement. After a week in Kampala, we traveled to Northern Uganda to the Gulu district for a week of medical and dental clinics. By day two, not only was I overwhelmed, but I was on the verge of tears at every turn. The experience was so surreal, like something I had seen in a movie or read in a book. How do you put into words the sight of…

people walking two hours without shoes on so they can receive free medical and dental care?

children screaming at the sight of a thermometer because they have no idea what it is?

other children screaming in my sight because they had never seen a white skinned person?

women and children sleeping on a hard concrete floor just to ensure they will indeed see the doctor the following day?

story after story of those affected by rebel raids from Joseph Kony’s attempt to rise in power?

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After day two I wanted to crawl into a hole, because I didn’t know if I could handle anymore.

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But then I met Leah.

And she stole my heart.

I don’t know why she was drawn to me, but I am so thankful that God sent this little angel to put everything into perspective. My time in Uganda wasn’t about me. My being overwhelmed didn’t give me an excuse to run. No, it meant I needed to press in and give it my all. I spent the remaining days with Leah by my side capturing stories of hope. Or maybe it was that in the midst of overwhelming stories, I saw hope in Leah’s eyes. At four years old, my prayer for her is that her strong drive would keep her from falling into the pattern that is all too common. Kids quit school because of lack of school fees. Girls become pregnant at too young of an age and think that makes them married to the father of their child. The father takes another “wife” leaving the young mother with children and no way to provide. It’s a vicious cycle and I pray Leah breaks it. Please join me in praying for this precious girl and all the other precious girls.

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