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Murphy’s Law for Baby Names: If you use it, it will become popular.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just welcomed their baby girl into the world in time for Father’s Day.
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So far they’ve remained uncharacteristically mum about the details, including the baby’s name. I have to admit, I’m curious. Will it start with a K? Will it be, in typical celebrity fashion, a unique name or one that makes the top 100 baby names of the year?

Nearly seventeen years ago, an ultrasound revealed my first child’s gender and I was so excited. Not only was I blessed to be expecting a healthy baby girl, but I could finally narrow down a growing list of name choices to just girls. When I came across Madison in a baby book, I knew I found the perfect name. My parents were skeptical of it at first and other people asked, “Madison? Like from the movie Splash?” In their defense, this was in 1996 and most people had no frame of reference for the name except an 80’s movie with a mermaid who chose it from a street sign. Then the name caught on somehow and everyone and their sister named their baby girl Madison.

Over a decade later I was pregnant again, this time with a boy. Although I’ve always loved my daughter’s name, it was important to me to choose a name for my son that wouldn’t leave him having to use his last initial in school for distinction. While we wanted it to be unique, my husband and I also agreed it had to be appropriate for a baseball player, CEO, or Senator. In other words, the name couldn’t be an obstacle to any of his life’s pursuits, whatever they may be. When we named him Hudson we were sure we’d made the right choice. Shortly afterward, Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks named his daughter Hudsyn and I got a little worried. Was this the new “it” name for girls? Fortunately, that’s a trend that didn’t take off and since the birth of our son we’ve only met one other boy with the same name.

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My third child was another girl and we used the same naming criteria: distinctive but likeable. My husband suggested the name Jolie but I vetoed him, fearing people would mistake it as a typo for Julie or mispronounce it. (It’s pronounced like the famous Angelina’s last name.) Soon it grew on me and when we paired it with Nicole for her middle name, I adored it. In fact, I love the name so much I don’t care who else christens their daughter with it. Even if it’s Kim and Kanye.

How did you choose your child’s name? Was it important to you that it be unique?


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