I Love Schmidt From New Girl

We can't stop laughing at the character Schmidt from The New Girl--are you watching?

The buzz before this season's TV shows launched was that indie movie darling Zooey Deschanel would be starring in The New Girl, a comedy for Fox.

I had no idea, nor did the rest of the world, that the character of Schmidt would steal the whole show. Played by Veronica Mars alum Max Greenfield, Schmidt delivers the best lines as the cheesy heart of the show. I don't think a day goes by where my friends and I don't throw out a Schmidt quote.

So, what's the deal with Schmidt from New Girl?

Yeah, that's the guy. Not to mention, every time Schmidt says something that sounds like a "douchebag", his roommates make him put money in the douchebag jar.

"My croquet cleats?"

It's just annoying that I can't find a clip of him saying "Croissant Blog" or "Hair Chutney" to share with you. OH WAIT! Someone already started Schmidt's Croissant Blog Tumblr.

I haven't stopped laughing yet.

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