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You didn't know it but there IS a way to solve laundry pile-up anxiety and it's THIS.

Harry Potter fan Kurt Schneider and friend Jason Pitts (both uber-talented music producers, obvs) recreated the theme to the famous movies in the most WFH way possible—with their washing machine.

Schneider tweeted the video, mentioning that the project took 5 hours to master. And honestly, I'm shocked it wasn't longer. Just goes to show that some of us were made more magically than others. But I'm not complaining about being a beneficiary of his genius.

(It's been playing in the background in my office for 30 minutes and it's not old yet!)

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Scheider's TikTok and Twitter accounts have blown up with appreciation for the musical wizardry, but TBH this was the best (and most SAHM) of them all:

Hey, that's Aunt Petunia's problem now.

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