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Set your DVR and clear your social calendar because it's almost go-time. The Hallmark Christmas in July event starts on July 10, and I couldn't be happier about it.

UPDATE: 2020 Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Released!

Let's face it, these last few months have been rough. We've all been powering through the quarantine, home school, toilet paper shortage, murder hornet, and general crap year that is 2020. Now it's almost July, and the Hallmark channel about to turn the year around in a way that only 79 Christmas movies can.

Candace Cameron Bure Switched for Christmas

You can see the full 2020 Hallmark Christmas in July schedule here, or towards the end of this post. Plus, if you want a little help keeping track of your list and what you have and haven't watched (because even we can admit they all blend together a bit), download the checklist app.

With 188 showings between Friday, July 10 and Sunday, July 26, there will be plenty of time to catch them all. You might even have some time leftover to take care of your family, work, or keep up with the limited social life that has been the trademark of 2020.

Hallmark Christmas in July Frozen Hot Chocolate

To take your celebration up a notch, check out these holiday inspired recipes and crafts. (We think the cardboard gingerbread houses and a frozen hot chocolate bar would be fun and perfect for this time of year.)

Hallmark Christmas in July Schedule 2020

Friday, July 10
12/11c: Christmas at Dollywood
2/1c: Merry & Bright
4/3c: Switched for Christmas
6/5c: Write Before Christmas
8/7c: Christmas Under Wraps
10/9c: Crown for Christmas

Saturday, July 11
12a/11c: The Nine Lives of Christmas
2a/1c: The Sweetest Christmas
4a/3c: Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses
6a/5c: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
8a/7c: Christmas Next Door
10a/9c: Welcome to Christmas
12/11c: Miss Christmas
2/1c: Double Holiday
4/3c: Picture a Perfect Christmas
6/5c: Christmas Town
8/7c: Christmas at the Plaza
10/9c: Check Inn to Christmas

Sunday, July 12
12a/11c: A Royal Christmas
2a/1c: My Christmas Dream
4a/3c: A Wish for Christmas
6a/5c: A Very Merry Mix-Up
8a/7c: Jingle Around the Clock
10a/9c: The Christmas Cottage
12/11c: The Christmas Club
2/1c: Christmas at Pemberley Manor
4/3c: Snow Bride
6/5c: Christmas Getaway
8/7c: A Christmas Detour
10/9c: Christmas Under the Stars

Monday, July 13
12a/11c: It's Christmas, Eve
2a/1c: With Love, Christmas
4a/3c: Christmas List
6a/5c: Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays
8a/7c: A December Bride
12/11c: Christmas Joy
2/1c: A Gift to Remember
4/3c: Road to Christmas
6/5c: Sleigh Bells Ring
8/7c: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe
10/9c: Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses

Tuesday, July 14
12a/11c: Christmas in Rome
2a/1c: Holiday Date
4a/3c: Hats Off to Christmas!
6a/2c: Christmas at the Palace
8a/7c: Christmas Scavenger Hunt
12/11c: Picture a Perfect Christmas
2/1c: A Dream of Christmas
4/3c: A Christmas Duet
6/5c: A Wish for Christmas
8/7c: Reunited at Christmas
10/9c: Switched for Christmas

Wednesday, July 15
12a/11c: Write Before Christmas
2a/1c: A Cookie Cutter Christmas
4a/3c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
6a/5c: Enchanted Christmas
8a/7c: Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2
12/11c: Let it Snow
2/1c: 12 Gifts of Christmas
4/3c: Christmas Made to Order
6/5c: Christmas Land
8/7c: The Sweetest Christmas
10/9c: The Mistletoe Promise

Thursday, July 16
12a/11c: A Christmas Detour
2a/1c: Christmas Connection
4a/3c: Christmas Cookies
6a/5c: Crown for Christmas
8a/7c: A Royal Christmas
12/11c: Christmas at the Plaza
2/1c: Once Upon a Holiday
4/3c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
6/5c: It's Christmas, Eve
8/7c: Christmas Getaway
10/9c: The Christmas Cottage

Friday, July 17
12a/11c: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
2a/1c: A Cheerful Christmas
4a/3c: Christmas at Graceland
6a/5c: Christmas at Holly Lodge
8a/7c: Sharing Christmas
12/11c: A Perfect Christmas
2/1c: Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy
4/3c: Christmas Town
6/5c: The Mistletoe Secret
8/7c: Mingle All the Way
10/9c: Christmas Next Door

Saturday, July 18
12a/11c: A Christmas Love Story
2a/1c: Christmas Under the Stars
4a/3c: Christmas at Cartwright's
6a/5c: Let it Snow
8a/7c: A Christmas Duet
10/9c: Christmas Connection
12/11c: Switched for Christmas
2/1c: Reunited at Christmas
4/3c: With Love, Christmas
6/5c: Holiday Date
8/7c: Write Before Christmas
10/9c: Christmas in Rome

Sunday, July 19
12a/11c: A December Bride
2a/1c: Christmas Joy
4a/3c: Coming Home for Christmas
6a/5c: Merry & Bright
8a/7c: Picture a Perfect Christmas
10/9c: Christmas at Dollywood
12/11c: The Nine Lives of Christmas
2/1c: Crown for Christmas
4/3c: Christmas at the Plaza
6/5c: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe
8/7c: Christmas Under Wraps
10/9c: A Shoe Addict's Christmas

Monday, July 20
12a/11c: A Dream of Christmas
2a/1c: Christmas in Love
4a/3c: Christmas Made to Order
6a/5c: My Christmas Dream
8a/7c: Christmas Getaway
12/11c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
2/1c: Jingle Around the Clock
4/3c: Love You Like Christmas
6/5c: A Christmas Detour
8/7c: The Christmas Cottage
10/9c: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tuesday, July 21
12a/1c: It's Christmas, Eve
2a/1c: Christmas Scavenger Hunt
4a/3c: Once Upon a Holiday
6a/5c: Check Inn to Christmas
8a/7c: Christmas in Love
12/11c: A Christmas Love Story
2/1c: The Sweetest Christmas
4/3c: The Mistletoe Secret
6/5c: Christmas Next Door
8/7c: Christmas Town
10/9c: The Christmas Club

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Wednesday, July 22
12a/1c: A Perfect Christmas
2a/1c: Merry & Bright
4a/3c: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
6a/5c: Hats Off to Christmas!
8a/7c: A Gift to Remember
12/11c: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe
2/1c: Sleigh Bells Ring
4/3c: Christmas at Pemberley Manor
6/5c: Mingle All the Way
8/7c: Christmas at the Plaza
10/9c: Christmas Under Wraps

Thursday, July 23
12a/1c: Coming Home for Christmas
2a/1c: Double Holiday
4a/3c: Finding Santa
6a/5c: Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2
8a/7c: Miss Christmas
12/11c: Welcome to Christmas
2/1c: Marry Me at Christmas
4/3c: Write Before Christmas
6/5c: The Nine Lives of Christmas
8/7c: Christmas in Rome
10/9c: Reunited at Christmas

Friday, July 24
12a/1c: A Christmas Duet
2a/1c: 12 Gifts of Christmas
4a/3c: My Christmas Love
6a/5c: Christmas Land
8a/7c: Christmas List
12/11c: Christmas at the Palace
2/1c: Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
4/3c: A Shoe Addict's Christmas
6/5c: Let it Snow
8/7c: With Love, Christmas
10/9c: Picture a Perfect Christmas

Saturday, July 25
12a/11c: A Wish for Christmas
2a/1c: Road to Christmas
4a/3c: My Christmas Dream
6a/5c: Mingle All the Way
8a/7c: The Christmas Club
10/9c: Crown for Christmas
12/11c: Check Inn to Christmas
2/1c: Christmas Under the Stars
4/3c: Christmas Under Wraps
6/5c: The Christmas Cottage
8/7c: Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays
10/9c: Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe

Sunday, July 26
12a/11c: The Mistletoe Secret
2a/1c: Once Upon a Holiday
4a/3c: Christmas at Holly Lodge
6a/5c: A Royal Christmas
8a/7c: Christmas Cookies
10/9c: Coming Home for Christmas
12/11c: A Cheerful Christmas
2/1c: The Mistletoe Promise
4/3c: Christmas Town
6/5c: A Christmas Love Story
8/7c: Switched for Christmas
10/9c: Holiday Date

But wait, there's more! As an added bonus, if you're a subscriber to the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, you can catch 59 more Christmas movies as part of their Christmas in July that starts on June 29 and goes through July 12. So basically the Hallmark channel has July covered. You're welcome. I'll see you in August.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Gold Crown Christmas Schedule 2020

Monday, June 29
5/4c: The Mistletoe Inn
7/6c: Rocky Mountain Christmas
9/8c: Christmas at Grand Valley

Tuesday, June 30
5/4c: Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle
7/6c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
9/8c: Christmas with Holly

Wednesday, July 1
5/4c: A Christmas Melody
7/6c: Northern Lights of Christmas
9/8c: Holiday Hearts

Thursday, July 2
5/4c: Christmas in Evergreen
7/6c: Christmas in Montana
9/8c: A Gingerbread Romance

Friday, July 3
5/4c: A Boyfriend for Christmas
7/6c: Time for Me to Come Home from Christmas
9/8c: Time for You to Come Home from Christmas

Saturday, July 4
5a/4c: Memories of Christmas
7a/6c: Journey Back to Christmas
9a/8c: The Christmas Note
11a/10c: Home for Christmas Day
1/12c: Operation Christmas
3/2c: Christmas Homecoming
5/4c: A Veteran's Christmas
7/6c: A Homecoming for the Holidays
9/8c: Holiday for Heroes

Sunday, July 5
5a/4c: 'Tis the Season for Love
7a/6c: The Town Christmas Forgot
9a/8c: Magical Christmas Ornaments
11a/10c: A Family Christmas Gift
1/12c: Family for Christmas
3/2c: Christmas on my Mind
5/4c: Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
7/6c: A Godwink Christmas
9/8c: A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love

Monday, July 6
5/4c: Looks Like Christmas
7/6c: A Joyous Christmas
9/8c: A Merry Christmas Match

Tuesday, July 7
5/4c: A Holiday Engagement
7/6c: A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas
9/8c: Christmas Everlasting

Wednesday, July 8
5/4c: A Christmas Miracle
7/6c: Nostalgic Christmas
9/8c: Small Town Christmas

Thursday, July 9
5/4c: Just in Time for Christmas
7/6c: Romance at Reindeer Lodge
9/8c: Our Christmas Love Song

Friday, July 10
5/4c: Hearts of Christmas
7/6c: Christmas in Angel Falls
9/8c: Angel Falls: A Novel Holiday

Saturday, July 11
5a/4c: The Christmas Train
7a/6c: Return to Christmas Creek
9a/8c: Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow
11a/10c: Moonlight and Mistletoe
1/12c: Northern Lights of Christmas
3/2c: Matchmaker Santa
5/4c: A Bramble House Christmas
7/6c: Two Turtle Doves
9/8c: Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen

Sunday, July 12
5a/4c: Love Always, Santa
7a/6c: The Perfect Christmas Present
9a/8c: The Christmas Secret
11a/10c: A Christmas to Remember
1/12c: A Boyfriend for Christmas
3/2c: Hope at Christmas
5/4c: Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle
7/6c: Time for You to Come Home from Christmas
9/8c: Once Upon a Christmas Miracle


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