Fortnite: The Video Game Craze You Don’t Need To Worry About

If you have a gamer in the house, chances are you’re familiar with “Fortnite”.
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It’s taking gaming households by storm. Fortnite is the new video game craze capturing excitement of kids, and adults, everywhere.

Fortnite is a survival game that drops 100 players on to an island. You skydive out of a plane… (err…battle bus…my son just corrected me) and are thrown immediately in to survival mode. Last man standing is the winner. Although this is a hunger-game type battle to the death, the cartoonish characters and landscape make the game fun and lively. This game is rated T for teen due to mild violence, but truly this feels more like a paintball game than a bloody battle scene.

Why is Fortnite so fun?

I don’t fully understand it, but I do know I can’t pry my boys off the xbox without a fight or desperate plea of “After this round?!?! PLEEEAAAASE?!?! There’s only 10 of us left!”.

--insert eye roll and angry-mom-sigh--

Parenting Tip: Rounds can take up to an hour so don’t let those little rugrats drag you in to approving “just one more round” 20 minutes before bed. Let me tell you, I have been known to pull a power cord here and there.

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Another piece of the game that gleans giggles from even my toughest teenager: dance moves. So many dance moves. If only my life could garner the same excitement as it did for my children when they discovered the “floss” had been released as a dance option in Fortnite. In fact, a lot of dance moves have been hijacked from our favorite characters and shows.

As gamers try to survive they will collect weapons, build structures and even work as a team to survive as long as possible. All the while a “storm shield” inches closer and closer to the middle of the island, forcing players closer together for a battle. And you don’t want to get stuck outside the safe zone because then… you guessed it, you die.

There are a lot of explosions and references to real-life guns and weapons, but no blood. It’s all fun and games. There is a fair amount of “taunting” from other players via emotes (aka actions of other players such as slow claps) but nothing terrible — just a little bit of playful banter.

Be aware that like any other online game, your gamers can converse in real life with real people. These individuals can be added to a friends list or online party. Based on settings and the gaming console (or computer) you are on, anyone can join a “party” which allows real time conversation (like being on the phone together). Be sure to check your privacy settings if this is a concern of yours.

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With constant updates and additions to the game (new dances, outfits, etc) your kids won’t be getting bored of Fortnite any time soon. All in all, it’s just good fun; a strategy game that makes them think and work as a team to survive. My kids even convinced their Grandma to play online with them. Best. Day. Ever.

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