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“Feast” At The New Children’s Museum in San Diego

The new theme at the San Diego Children’s Museum downtown is “Feast: the art of playing with your food.”
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The museum’s mission to encourage kids to “think, play and create” continues as they get creative with food.

We visited the museum recently to see what this theme was all about. Artists have used the theme of food to create 13 new installations and 8 other projects to teach kids about community, sustainability and the environment, health, and family traditions.

The first activity that caught my kids’ attention was this climbing area with climbing ropes and two large sculptures that respond to music through sound.

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They also had fun in the food trucking area where they role played food distribution as they pushed and push-carted little trucks around the area loading and unloading ‘food’ into their trucks.

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A chicken coop was built on the grounds and the live chickens are brought out for daily interactions with the kids. A peaceful, relaxing reading area is located downstairs with books the kids can enjoy.  Such a great little area, I want to curl up with a book and have some peace there for awhile!

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Another big hit was the fruity inflatable play structure several kids can go in at a time and spend a few minutes bouncing and burning some energy! For those with kids under four, you’ll be excited to know there is an area just for the younger kids to play! Wobbleland has food sculptures where the little ones can have a great time to play.

Of course, some of the old favorites are there including the clay sculpting workshop, bubble making, and painting farm equipment (instead of the old cars during the trash-themed exhibit). And the museum’s fantastic workshops held during the day are a great way for the kids to participate in art projects (and you don’t have to clean up the mess!)  Kids can also plant their own seedling as they visit the organic garden and learn about growing food.

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Get over to the museum and check out “Feast: the art of playing with your food”.  Remember during February, the Macy’s museum pass gets you entrance for 50% off!  You can also reserve passes to the museum from our local library and get free entrance!