Chip Gaines Deserves Our Love Just as Much as Joanna—Here's Why

Hey, when you choose to turn a simple haircut into serious cash for sick kids...I'm gonna get on board.
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Listen, we all know Joanna Gaines is my straight up idol, but getting down to brass tacks, Chip ain’t no slouch either.

We all know their life has got to be glamorized a bit for the magic of television, but if trying to be more like Chip Gaines (even the Hollywood version!) is wrong, I just really don’t want to be right.

Here are just five of Chip Gaines’ qualities that I think we could all stand to emulate on the daily.

1. He works HARD.

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And not just on demo day. We all know you can’t build an empire like they have without some serious Texas-earned sweat. Plus, he wholeheartedly instills the same value in his kids.

2. He doesn’t take life too seriously.

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Sure, he's a major goof on the show, but I genuinely think it comes from a deeper understanding of what really matters in life. And he’s not going to let the little stuff get to him when he’s got his eye on the prize.

3. He is generous.

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And he gets others in on the joy of giving. After learning that viewers weren’t fans of his infamous long-hair look, he encouraged them to put their money where their mouths were…and earned a whopping $230,000 for kids at St. Jude’s.

4. He defends what matters.


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Whether it’s his family or his beliefs, he stands by them even when the sceptics are out in force. And he does it, notably, without attacking his attacker.

5. He’s a family man, through and through.

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My heart is full.

I know a simple Insta pic isn’t proof enough, but on top of the rest of what makes Chip, Chip, putting a pic like this out into the universe is a surefire way to tip the scales toward a whole lot of love for the Chipper.