Celebrity Watch: #10yearchallenge

From #areyoufreakingkiddingme to #wellplayed, these celebs hit the nail on the head.
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In case you've been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, the social medias are slammed with side-by-side pics from ten years ago and today—and some of them got me like hmmmmmmmm...

I mean, like how is it possible that Ellen is THE SAME? Like literally, the same.

Okay, maybe not EXACTLY. #thathandtho

Alright keep scrolling for a few of our favorites!

Where you keeping that time machine, Viola?

Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, Kate! 2018 worked for you!

I feel you though, Kev.

Alright Nick—did you invent this challenge just to show off? I mean, we're not complaining. Just checking. Twice.

And here we have JLo, from mama to whoooooa mama!

And my personal favorite...

Ha! You keep keeping it real, Miss Garner. We see you, and we salute you, girl.