Cabbage Patch Kids Are at Costco for Less Than $20

Cabbage Patch Kids are back! Your childhood dreams have come true!

They are going fast and they are absolutely darling!

The Cabbage Patch Collectible Cuties are numbered and adoptable just like our favorite Old School Cabbage Patch Kids! These are only available at Costco, and yes you'll need a membership. 

Costco Cabbage Patch Kids Collectible Cuties Themes

  • Woodland Friends: Theo the Chipmunk, Harper Deer, Finn Fox
  • Zoo Friends: Jaye Lion, Frankie Koala, Nala Tiger
  • Fantasy Friends: Aria Unicorn, Nila Unicorn, Star Unicorn

Costco Cabbage Patch Kids Prices

The Cabbage Patch Kids Collectible Cuties are just $19.99 for a pack of 3 making these dolls less than $7 each! 

Such a great gift idea for the holidays and if you are buying them for yourself the price of that joy is SO justified!

Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids Smell?

From the back of the box:

“Collectible Cuties! With soft bodies, adorable animal fashions, and a classic baby powder scent, these cuddly friends are ready for your love and care!”

Remember Your Old Cabbage Patch Kid's Name? 

Mine was Samantha, she had red hair and pigtail braids and my grandmother made her a Karate Kid style outfit with a black belt. Samantha took no prisoners!

You are going to want to hurry to your nearest Costco! These little cuties are selling out FAST!

Which Costco's Have Cabbage Patch Collectible Cuties in Stock? 

Got them already? Leave us a comment and tell us which Costco you snagged yours at and if there were still any left!

Will Costco Get Any More Cabbage Patch Cuties in Stock? 

We've been asking that question too. Our local Costco's are SOLD OUT of the Cabbage Patch Kids Collectible Cuties dolls. So we emailed Costco to find out when they'd get more:

"While the Cabbage Patch Kids was a successful item, unfortunately, we will not be getting any more this season."  - Costco Corporate

Insert sad face emoji here. My cabbage patch kids are crying! Their tears smell like baby powder too! We'll be waiting for Costco to release another run of these little cuties! Until then, let us know if you were one of the lucky ones in the comments!