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Look, any working mom knows that spending the day away from the kiddos can be excruciating, and Busy is no exception.

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Thank goodness for modern tech so we can stay close however possible, ammirite?? No one wants to miss those tutus!

Amen, Busy, to keeping it real and showing your big mom feelings, all while crushing your new gig on #BusyTonight.

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Now how can I get on this socks and heels situation because you.are.crushing it.

Now how can I get on this socks and heels situation because you.are.crushing it.


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Posts of Note: Working Mamas

Whether you work outside the home, at home or run your own business, we know you’re a busy woman! We hope our “Posts of Note” for March will bring you support, ideas and a bit of laughter and relief from the busy balance of work and family. Happy Posting!

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