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Best Will Ferrell Movies

When the Entertainment Weekly magazine comes to our house, it typically goes straight from the mailbox to my husband's nightstand. Occasionally, I take a peek. This week, I noticed the new Will Ferrell movie, The Campaign and thought of my Mamas and their love of all things Will Ferrell.

Even better to find includes a feature, "Top 10 Will Ferrell Movies"

Elf the Movie with Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell in Elf from

Will Ferrell in Elf from

Having only seen 2 of the 10 movies on the list, I'm certainly no expert. But I still know that Will Ferrell is hilarious. I also loved seeing him in Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls.

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What's your favorite Will Ferrell movie? Did it make the list?

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Despicable Me 3 Trailer

YES! A Despicable Me 3 Movie is COMING!

ADMIT IT. You're as pumped as I am for Despicable Me 3...just BASK in the hilarity of the new stuck-in-the-80's villain. I die