An App For Female Friendships, Would You Use It?

No need to fly solo on a Saturday night, swipe right for lady friends!
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Apps have changed the landscape of dating and relationships, so why not an app for friendship too?

Female friendships specifically.

GirlCrew started after founder Elva Carri wanted to go dancing with friends except none of her squad could make it so she changed her status on Tinder to "male" and "looking for friendship" and matched with over 100 women in the span of 24 hours. She and a friend met up with one of their matches the next night and had the best time together, sparking an idea.

If it worked for dating, then why the freak wouldn't it work for friendship too? GirlCrew started as a Facebook group in June of 2017 and then morphed into a Tinder-like app first launched in Ireland, then progressively through Australia, the UK and the United States.

The app is free to download and lets users choose the city they're based in where they can see local events or create their own, which is free to join and use, allows users to select the city they're based in. They can join events in the local area or create their own. Members must be over 18 and sign up using their real names. Now they've got around 40k active users operating in over 35 cities worldwide.

Pretty rad, right?

Leave it to the ladies to figure out a way to make friendship and sisterhood more accessible and less complicated.

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The world wins when women support other women, female friendships FTW! So what do you think? Would you use an app like this? Genius? Super weird? I wanna know!

Read more about the app on the GirlCrew blog HERE. Got questions? Check out the FAQ's HERE. Totally on board? Sign up HERE!