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Adult Cultural Arts Education in Spanish Fork

Do you ever feel like there must be more to life than diaper changing and menu planning?
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Like you would enjoy rekindling old talents that you put to the side in favor of taking care of your children? Like you could stand to learn something new, something that has nothing to do with potty training or bullies at school?

The Spanish Fork Arts Council is offering you that chance. They have put together a 6 week course schedule with more than a dozen classes focusing on cultural arts. Classes include songwriting, couples dance, water color, quilting, web design and more. They run every Saturday morning for six weeks, starting February 4.

I took a photography class a couple years ago and really improved my technique. Now I’m having a hard time deciding between Writing Your First Novel and World Dance. Both would fulfill lifelong dreams of mine, only World Dance would probably be more humiliating. Which would you choose?

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