A little more dirt…

So John Malfatto and Jeff Harps decided to stage a mock pig pen slam down of the dirty deed yesterday Soldier Hollow
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I was ‘unlucky’ enough to miss the running action in the 100 degree weather, but I did catch Jeff ‘boar’ing in the mud and hogtied him into a photo op.  My son, who’s 4, gave the most props to the fire truck who was there solely to hose down the mud pit…and John assured me that there will be an even bigger pit and fire truck the day of!  Amy Donaldson, Deseret News, was in on the main wallering action and wrote all about it here!  I do believe that The Dirty Dash will be the greatest form of free range piggery available in Utah.  There’s still time to grab a group and make your own drove or go it solo…pigs roll in the mud to be cool and we can be cool too.  Come on you [sow] know you want to.

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Hike A Little, Eat A Lot

Taking young children and Mother Nature into consideration, "go with the flow" is always a good attitude to keep in your back pocket. Hiking with a 3yo who dawdles and wants to turn every stick into a fire thrower takes patience...and planning.