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EP3: Brittany Watson Jepsen, on Miscarriage and First Time Motherhood

Our interview with Brittany Jepsen of on miscarriage, first time motherhood, and living abroad
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Episode 3: Brittany Watson Jepsen,




Craft the Rainbow Book Giveaway!

Danish Rice Pudding Recipe

4 Must Stop Spots in Denmark From Someone Who Lived There

DIY Paper Daisy Backdrop

Toxemia, One Mom's Story + What You Need to Know

Show Notes

References, links, and corrections from this episode!

What's a recorder? You can check them out and get yourself one HERE!

Laurie Berkner video that Brittany styled!

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Correction: I said Toxemia was more common with boys. Urban myth? Yes and No! I asked my good friend and OBGYN, he said there's no correlation. But I also ran across this Australian study that says YES!

Should you have a urine test in the third trimester of your pregnancy? Yes! Every week. That's one of the big screeners for toxemia. Here's a list of the tests you should be looking out for in the third trimester: The Third Trimester: Which Test Could Save Your Baby

Brittany has designed in the past for ChatBooks, check them out HERE: Brittany's Covers for Chatbooks! ​

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Brittany Watson Jepsen Bio

Brittany Watson Jepsen is the founder and creative director of The House That Lars Built, a design lifestyle site focused on artful living. She released her first book, Craft the Rainbow, in April and her work has been featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Le Monde, and Vogue.​


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