EP 19: Riley Jensen, Sports Psychologist on Mindset and How We Talk to Ourselves

This episode is packed! We talk mindset, tools to help us (and our kids) shift focus, and how to stop over apologizing.
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​​Episode 19: Riley Jensen



It's All About the Frame: Using Reframing to Change Your Mindset

When Sticking to Your Birth Plan Makes You an Idiot​

Show Notes

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Ratatouille: Watch the scene from the movie and tell us what YOUR "ratatouille" is HERE!

​Books Riley Mentioned:

Mindset, Carol Dweck

Man's Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, Shad Helmstetter

About Riley Jensen

Riley Jensen is currently the Mental Performance Coach for all 14 sports for Weber State University Athletics. He is the director for Sport and Performance Psychology for Team X Alpine Ski Team. He is currently a Mental Performance Coach for USA Archery (Para), Westminster College Basketball, Westminster College Volleyball, Rowmark Ski Academy, Peak Ski Academy, The Dunk Camp, Juan Diego Baseball, East High Basketball, Hillcrest Basketball, Alta Wrestling, and Olympus Lacrosse and Soccer. Riley tutors various individual athletes from the pro, collegiate, and high school ranks. Riley works with corporate athletes from the Utah Jazz ticket sales department, Boston Scientific, Michelin, Wise Company, Fusion Imaging, Tiny Hero Foods, Inwise Title, and NorQuinn.

Riley has a unique enthusiasm and ability to teach the concepts of resilience, confidence, positivity, grit, and personal mastery. He is available to athletes at all levels, all sports, for coaches, organizations, and businesses. He is perfect for motivational seminars designed to help individuals, teams, and businesses reach their maximum potential. Riley has been playing or coaching high school and collegiate football for more than 27 years. Over the past (8) years he has been part owner and co-founder of the Mountain West Elite sports camps which operate in several states.

Riley started as a quarterback at an NCAA D1 school (USU), was named 1st team junior college All-American QB (Snow College, where he was recently named to the Snow College Football Hall of Fame), coached football at a Division 1 program (NC State), and has coached several successful Salt Lake City area high school teams (Cottonwood, Olympus, Alta).

Riley earned a B.A. from Utah State University and completed his MS in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Utah. He studied under the world-renowned tutelage of Dr. Nicole Detling, and interned with the University of Utah’s football and tennis teams. Riley currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Riley is not working, he enjoys hiking and time spent his wife Georgann, and their two children Alexis (6) and Jack (4).

> Hi, I'm Riley. I am a husband and Father. I am a former college QB. I am a mental performance and life coach. I have a strange relationship with football. I love it, but I know that sometimes it is not good for me. I am a goof ball. I love to laugh. I love to be around people. I love. I am fascinated by people. I find myself curious in almost every situation. I love to learn. I love to grow.

> My life is not at all how I planned it, and I think it is perfectly designed for me. I also think that 18 year old Riley would think that my current occupation is the bomb, as it didn't even exist as a degree until I was 18 years old. I love my kids. I sometimes stare at them while they sleep and while they eat? Is that weird? I don't think it is. I think it is a beautiful thing. I also have found complete pleasure in rediscovering the world through my children's eyes. Yes Jack, the moon is "really cool."

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