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Youth Sports in Spanish Fork

Hooray for the return of warm weather!
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If your kids are like mine, they are tired of being cooped up inside and are in need of some physical activity to get those wiggles out. It’s the perfect time to get them involved in spring sports in Spanish Fork.

Soccer: Soccer League for grades K-6 begins the last week of March and ends the second week of May. There are generally two games per week. Participation is $30.

Urban Fishing: Classes are taught once a week for six weeks. Each class is two hours long and goes over fishing techniques and habitat as well as time spent fishing with the instructor. Participation is $20.

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Go to to register.

T-Ball, Machine Pitch, or Coach Pitch Ball: Get your kid ready for the all American sport of baseball. Kindergarteners play Tball, 2nd grade and up play machine or coach pitch, and first graders can choose which one they feel ready for. Games are typically held twice a week for six weeks, from mid-May to the end of June. Cost is $30-35.


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