The concept of a fiver party is simple: no one brings traditional presents to the birthday kid. Instead, they bring a crisp $5 bill—a fiver, if you will.

The idea is that this prevents unwanted toys from showing up at your house en masse, and at the same time equals the playing field amongst givers. It can even give the birthday kid the chance to "save up" for a bigger gift they really want, in lieu of the smattering of rando trinkets that inevitably turn up come party time.

Don't get me wrong, I do love that it leads to less waste (for both givers and receivers). But does a fiver party come without other, possibly negative consequences? Well, I doubt it.

For one, I think it might give kids a false sense of control. There is something to be said for allowing others to give at their discretion and not have that be dictated by the receiver. The fiver party might be sidestepping important lessons in gratitude, understanding, and gracious acceptance—especially when things don't quite go your way. (Well, hello there, Life.)


And maybe it's because gift-giving is one of my oft-expressed love languages, but it also just makes me sad to not be able to come up with a gift totally unique and special to the birthday kid in order to let them know I was thinking of JUST them.

I say that, not yet having been to a birthday party for my child's friend and all that that entails, so.....I'm guessing there's a chance I'll change my tune in a few years' time.

What do you think? Fiver parties FTW or nah?