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To All You REAL DEAL Dads Out There

From dirty diapers to dainty toenails, you know who you are.
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There is something simultaneously powerful and tender about seeing dads be dads. I’m not talking about the ones who just dutifully complete to-do lists or even the ones who put on a Pinterest-worthy show. I’m talking about the real deal. The everyday dad whose heart and actions are where his family is.

So, a shout out this Father’s Day to that dad.

The one who takes time out to teach the important skills, and the not-so-important ones.

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The dad who gets outside his comfort zone and makes magic happen.

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The one who slows down and takes life at the speed of a toddler, because he knows it’s better that way.

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The one whose life is bigger and better because he invites his kids into his world.

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The dad who's up in the night because he feels the awesome responsibility of caring for that tiny bit of heaven, too.

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And to the one who teaches and listens and loves, at every stage of the game.

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Happy Father's Day!


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