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Time For Your Son To Shave? Some Tips From My Husband and 16-Year-Old Son

I interviewed both my husband and son to bring you the riveting, enlightening insights that flow from our home.
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Most coming of age moments with our kids have been full of laughter and a bit of awkwardness. Teaching our son to shave was no different. While most of the instruction took place between father and son, of course I could not sit on the sidelines and had to throw in my two cents through the entire process. It was far too entertaining! I grew up in a house full of girls and I find the awkwardness of teenage boys fascinating. The voice cracking, the facial hair, the nose growth, all of it!​

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We've partnered with Gillette at Walmart to tell stories about "Father and Son" shaving moments, so I interviewed both my husband and son to bring you the riveting, enlightening insights that flow from our home. Here's what they had to say:

When Should A Boy Start Shaving?

Dad: When the peach fuzz thickens

Son: Once it's noticeable. You can feel some fuzz. A little fuzz is fine, but once it gets out of control. It's the parents job to let them know "Hey, you're getting a little fuzzy man". That's when you start shaving. Maybe you shave once a month, and then it moves to every couple of weeks. For me right now, I'm once or twice a week. But I can tell myself to shave now. ​

One time, we were in carpool and one of the boys really needed to shave that fuzz and I looked at my mom and said "Where is his mother?!?". My parents would never leave me hanging like that.

Who Taught You To Shave?

Dad: No one. A razor showed up in my Christmas stocking one year. I think Santa Claus decided it was time for me to shave. So I figured it out.

Son: I know it's the dad's job. I guess I didn't really get taught. (give's Dad side eye)

At first I just put some water on a razor and tried it out. Over time and some trial and error I've gotten shaving down. My dad gives me advice when he notices I've gone astray. When I've got cuts or have done something wrong he'll help me. I'm still getting tips from him. ​

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What Are Your Shaving Tips?

Dad: You've got to shave in the right direction to avoid razor burn and use short strokes.

How can you tell what the right direction is? Everybody's face is different. That's up for discussion!

(Note from me, the MOM, this is not enough information. Here's a YouTube video!)

Son: If you've never shaved, go ask your dad. Use the razor Don't go sideways. Use it correctly and with the grain. Don't go against the grain. Sometimes the hair you shave should be the direction that it's growing or laying, but sometimes it's better to go against the direction it's growing "against the grain". I use a Gillette.

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What About Product? What Do You Use?

Dad: Nothing. I shave my face dry. Aftershave? Never used it.

Son: At the beginning I didn't use any product -- I just used a wet razor. After awhile I started using shaving cream. My mom bought me good stuff - it smells good and it makes my face soft. But the best thing is I use is the shave balm that I put on after. It's not after shave -- it's more like a lotion. It makes my face way soft and moisturizes it.

When Do You Shave?

Dad: Best to shave in the shower or right after you get out of the shower

You get a better shave because your skin is all soft and moist

Son: Opposite. I shave (with shaving cream), hop in the shower, and then layer on the shave balm.

How Often Should You Replace Your Razor?

Son: I have yet to replace it. How often should I replace it dad?

Dad: I don't know. I haven't replaced mine in years.

Um. Lucky for them I needed to buy some razors to take photos for this post. They both use Gillette razors and they still seem to be working great. But I learned an important lesson -- ADD RAZORS TO MY GROCERY SHOPPING LIST {or at this time of year, to your Father's Day gifting list}!


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Speaking of Razors . . .

Lucky for all of us, there's a great deal at Walmart this month! Check it out:

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Disclosure: This post was written by me on behalf of Gillette at Walmart. All text and opinions are my own.

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