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The Girl Scout Silver Award

Last fall, my girl scout troop earned their silver award
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Girl Scouts has 3 levels of awards. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. In honor of their accomplishment, and to assist them in making their project sustainable, I told them I would do a blog for them. The following are the criteria the girls followed to comply to the standards for earning the silver award. My next 3 blogs will give you the opportunity to see what the girls created. The following guidelines are from the Girl Scout website Girl Scout Silver Award

Have you ever looked around your neighborhood or school and wondered how you could make a change for the better? Going for the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn—gives you the chance to show that you are a leader who is organized, determined, and dedicated to improving your community. Earning the award puts you among an exceptional group of girls who have used their knowledge and leadership skills to make a difference in the world.

Here are the steps you’ll take to earn your Girl Scout Silver Award:

1.Go on a Cadette journey.

2.Identify issues you care about.

3.Build your Girl Scout Silver Award team or decide to go solo.

4.Explore your community.

5.Pick your Take Action project.

6.Develop your project.

7.Make a plan and put it into motion.

8.Reflect, share your story, and celebrate.

Once you complete your journey, the suggested minimum time for earning your Girl Scout Silver Award is 50 hours. These suggested hours are a guide. You can start by planning the time in chunks, dividing it up by the steps. Check out the silver project that my troop came up with in the following blogs!!!

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