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The Budget Family Meal Challenge – $50 for 2 weeks

This one is going to be a struggle.
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A challenge, if you or actually I will call it that. This is a budget family meal challenge, a “Plan 2 weeks of meals with just $50” Can I do it?

I am sure going to trying. I gave myself this challenge to see if I could actually save money at the grocery store. I planned my meals for 2 weeks. Some items I do have on hand so that will save me money there. But the biggest problem is I have 3 boys who LOVE milk. Milk is NOT cheap. Your spending at least $2 on a gallon of milk. So, Powdered milk it is, at least for cooking that is.

Here is my 2 weeks meal plan…. I hope you like my sloppy writing, its the pen not me *wink*

I revised my shopping list 3 different times, cutting out what I really didn’t need to get. It went from 40 items down to…13 I have coupons for 3 of the items.

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Here’s hoping that I can spend less than $50 on these items. I’ll let you know how this goes.